Tweets de hoy 2009-09-08

  • RT @fotografia_101: 7 cosas para amar en la Canon 7D- #
  • @SolarisStudios …and may be men will understand it one day as well 馃檪 #
  • @SolarisStudios What about Gandhi or Martin Luther king? War men?. Men and Women are the same, may be women will understand it one day in reply to SolarisStudios #
  • @SolarisStudios What about Margret Thatcher or Angela Merkel, pacifists?. Sorry but men and Women are the same, also from the war in reply to SolarisStudios #
  • @Fotomaf AKG K340, una aut茅ntica maravilla, los mejores auriculares que he tenido jamas, algo caros pero no excesivo. #
  • @jakobg It happens to me very, very often. It will come the day when I forget myself somewhere. Nice to know I'm not alone #
  • @Herforderin ja, ich bin auch am 眉berlegen #

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